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  • How to Take the Ultimate Detox Bath

    If you’re looking for a way to add to your self-care routine, consider the benefits of a detox bath. From Epsom salts to foot fizzers, buttermilk baths and essential oils, you can benefit from purifying properties, soothed skin, easing muscle soreness and moisturising properties with the right bath blend.
  • Milk Baths: Good, Better, Best

    Need a way to wind down before drifting off into a peaceful sleep? Milk baths can help you unwind, relax, soothe irritated skin, and lull you into a peaceful slumber.
  • Cold process vs. hot process soap: which is better?

    Soap making is a very delicate art, one that is both incredibly time-consuming and very rewarding. Not many people know that the trick to nailing this craft is through numerous techniques. This article explores why cold process soap is more beneficial to hot alternatives and why.
  • How to exfoliate sensitive skin

    Finding the perfect combination of products for your unique, sensitive skin can be a daunting task, especially with so many options on the market. One of the staple items in every skincare lover’s arsenal is a good exfoliator (trust us).
  • Skincare ingredients you should and shouldn't mix: how to layer products

    The science and rules around skincare seem to have gotten more complex as the years have gone by. If you find yourself often overwhelmed about the abundance of information out there, only to learn the hard way that certain skincare products do not mix, you’re not alone.
  • Serums aren’t for everyone

    Serums are marketed to address specific skin concerns – such as brightening, eliminating wrinkles, resolving dry skin and many other conditions. They do this by delivering high doses of extremely concentrated nutrients, hydrating elements and antioxidants to your skin.

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