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How to exfoliate sensitive skin

Finding the perfect combination of products for your unique, sensitive skin can be a daunting task, especially with so many options on the market. One of the staple items in every skincare lover’s arsenal is a good exfoliator (trust us).

However, pinpointing an exfoliator that works well with your skin type is another challenge. For examples, if you have a sensitive complexion, these formulations can often be quite harsh. The key thing you need to look for in an exfoliator is a blend that will aid in breaking down your dead cells, leaving the surface silky-smooth, without irritation.

This article will walk you through the basics of exfoliating, as well as the key things to consider when hunting around for the best possible formula.

Sensitive skin? No worries

Having sensitive skin essentially means that your skin is prone to a reaction to anything it comes in to contact with. We know the struggle – we’ve all been there.

When exfoliating, it’s important to take note of irritation, if this is you. This is generally a sign that you're not using a product that's friends with your skin type. Consider how the two may react together and thoroughly assess your options when you're browsing the supermarket shelves to save yourself the trouble. Despite the fact it can be a little hard to find a suitable option at first, sensitive complexions don't have to miss out on this important part of your beauty routine – it just takes a bit of strategy at first!

How is exfoliation good for the skin?

There is a multitude of benefits of exfoliation. It can aid those who suffer from build-up or excess oil, as it will remove any cells responsible for overproducing grease.

As we age, our bodies slow the process of new cell regeneration. This means that we store older skin cells on the surface, making us appear rough and dry. This can also lead to clogged pores, which is unhealthy for your complexion and can lead to acne. The plethora of benefits of exfoliation demonstrates its importance to your routine. No one likes a breakout.

The perfect method

There are many different ways to exfoliate your skin at home, both manual and chemical. There is no ‘perfect’ technique – a lot of it depends on your complexion. Most women use manual methods, which is generally used in conjunction with a nice scrub (like ours!) and an exfoliating loofah. It is important to not press hard with this scrub; only press lightly as the jagged ridges will do all the work for you.

On the other hand, chemical exfoliation can help you with a deeper clean, but the ingredients aren’t always ideal for those prone to irritation. Natural ingredients are key here.

Additionally, you can use pads or scrubs to get deep into your pores. At the end of your routine, apply moisturiser and toner to complete the process. Your skin will thank you for it, and your vibrant glow will turn those heads. Or at the very least, give you a soft-to-the-touch feel – and that's always a bonus.

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