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Milk Baths: Good, Better, Best

By Donna Ross  •   3 minute read

Milk Baths: Good, Better, Best - Dusty Blend

Need a way to wind down before drifting off into a peaceful sleep? can help you unwind, relax, soothe irritated skin, and lull you into a peaceful slumber.


If you’re considering adding to your bedtime routine, consider the benefits of a skin softening bath and whether it might just be the perfect nurturing ritual before you tuck in.

Pros and Cons: Soothing Your Skin with a Buttermilk Bath


Although each person’s skin will benefit from different routines, products and bath time ingredients, our dairy-based baths can be the perfect soothing warm water blend for those:


  • With dry skin
  • With sun damaged skin, sunburns
  • Suffering from eczema or psoriasis
  • Irritation from contact allergies, poisonous plants


Full of proteins, lactic acid and beneficial fats, adding milk products in either liquid or powder form can help soothe skin, offer gentle exfoliating benefits, and calm itching skin.


Recommended to be avoided by those with dairy sensitivities or lactic acid irritations, these traditional baths can support a healthy skin care routine and calming nighttime ritual.


Four Steps to Your Best Buttermilk Bath


To benefit from adding dairy products to your bath, follow these tips and steps from our team to help unwind and nurture your skin:


Step 1: Choose your product. Both whole liquid and powdered milk products can be added to bath water, with no difference in benefits shown between cow, goat, coconut or other plant-based dairy products. The only key recommendation is not to skimp on the fat! It has great benefits for your skin.


Step 2: If you’re not sure about pouring our full carton of 1% into your bath, we have a popular buttermilk bath soak that has been blended with essential oils and Epsom salts. Calming, rejuvenating, and full of beneficial properties for your skin, our salt soaks can leave you feeling baby soft.


Step 3: Step in! Soak in your bath until the water cools or it’s time for bed. With the hydrating benefits of dairy or buttermilk fats and gentle exfoliating benefits from lactic acid, you’ll slip between the sheets with soft and buoyant skin.


Step 4: Make sure to rinse your bath and yourself clean after using bath salts and soaks. Instead of leaving residue behind, pat your skin dry, moisturise, and soak up the benefits of nurturing buttermilk while you sleep.


An ancient tradition known to cleanse, soften and moisturise the skin, our milk baths, buttermilk bath soaks and Epsom salts can ease the body and calm the mind. Best used once to twice a week, we recommend altering the days you soak away your worries when using dairy-based products.


As a gentle exfoliant you want to calm, not further irritate, your skin – so it’s best if you take a few days in between these baths.


Looking to soak away your troubles nightly? No worries. Alternate your products between buttermilk bath soaks, bath bombs and essential oils to vary the skin beneficial properties added to your night.

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