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Perfume Oils vs Perfume

Why should I buy Perfume Oil?

Application, smell, price and production are all what makes perfume oils so different than those mass produced brands. Each and every one is handmade in small batches from essential oils and quality selected oils for the base, meaning that they will be individual and not smell like every other perfume out there. See our 5 reasons to buy Dusty Blends perfume oils instead of the very competitive productions.

ALCOHOL: Perfume Oils have 0% alcohol. Alcohol in Perfumes can cause the perfume to change smell as it evaporates over time. With Perfume Oils the smell is more constant throughout the day.

SMELL: Perfume Oils can be up to 10x more concentrated than perfumes from department stores. Quite often Perfume Oils last longer than their counter-parts.
 BODY: Perfume Oils are far less likely to cause reactions due to the lack of alcohol and other chemicals. They are generally kinder to the skin.
PRICE: Your department store perfumes have extremely high mark ups and huge profit margins. Perfume Oils can be a cheaper, more natural solution.
LOCAL! They are made right here at Dusty Blend, a local Barossa business that appreciates your support!

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