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Elegant Soap Dishes and Holders for Your Shower

These dishes and holders are not only practical, but they can also make a stylish addition to your bathroom furnishings. It’s those little personal touches that can really lift the ambience of a room – especially when it’s the place you go to unwind and relax at the end of a long, tiring day.

Our designs also serve a practical use, acting as the perfect accessory to keep the sink spaces in your kitchen or washroom clean and dry. They also help to preserve the condition of your soap – if this is left sitting in water, the moisture will cause it to break down. Keeping it in a dish or holder allows the water to drain away – keeping it fresh and in a much better condition for longer, so you can continue to enjoy its beautiful scents.

Having your soap in a handy, easy-to-reach place also means that you won’t have to go fishing around in the water to find it! It also means you’re less likely to waste water and time in the shower if you end up dropping it by accident.

Soaps and Shower Products You’ll Love

Surrounding yourself with the right décor and accessories can add to your overall sense of comfort and wellbeing. Spending time in the bathroom is all about nurturing and restoring yourself – so why not treat yourself with a little touch of luxury?

Our Zen Dishes feature a modern design, and they’re available in a beautiful selection of calming pastel colours – Rose, Sky Blue and Sage. We also have silicone drainers in either a simple, stylish black or white, conjuring the tranquil atmosphere of a Japanese bathhouse.

If you’re seeking more of a natural vibe, you’ll love our Leaf Dish – designed in the shape of a leaf and made with durable ceramic. With this style of décor and the addition of a few indoor plants, you can transform your bathroom to give it the quiet, peaceful feeling of being in a rainforest. Available in neutral, calming green or cream.

Let all your cares wash away – you deserve to be pampered. Prioritise your self-care and take some time out for yourself.

Looking for the perfect gift idea? These also make an ideal present for a loved one and will encourage them to relax with some well-deserved pampering and time out. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows that you care.

Our Handmade Range, Designed with Care

At Dusty Blend, we are a family-owned business that has been making artisan bath and body products since 2017. We stock a beautiful range of handmade soap, bath bombs, massage oil and butters that are designed to help you unwind, indulge and relax. Our range is all made by hand in South Australia, with shipping nationwide.

You might also like to read up on our tips for the best way to look after your handmade soap here.

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