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Home Fragrance

Australian-made Home Fragrance Sprays

If you have been looking for a local online retailer of scents, fragrances and room sprays, Dusty Blend has an extensive range suited to make a house a home. With complimentary items ranging from candles to soy wax melts, room fresheners, sprays and more, you can find your signature scent in our store.  Evoke a cohesive feel to all of your favourite rooms now with our elegant selection.

Not sure which option to choose? Our team has rounded up the common uses and benefits of each of our home fragrance sprays. We’re passionate about ensuring all purchases from our unique collection is welcomed into your home, so we strive to offer guidance and insight into every one of our feel-good products.

Ready to learn more? Check out our favourite recommendations below.

Soy Wax Melts vs. Room Fresheners

With today’s market inundated with options to choose from, we understand there’s a lot of crossover and confusion about taking your pick.  If you’re wanting to lightly spritz your home for a fresh touch without the hassle, consider the differences and best uses between our most commonly purchased favourites:

  • Scented Soy Wax Melts: A blend between a traditional candle and oil diffuser, soy wax melts are heated through a dedicated burner which heats the wax through an electric or tea light burner, then emits a scent once warmed. A family-safe way to bring aromas into your space, soy waxes emit a cleaner burn than traditional paraffin candles and melts.
  • Candles: A favourite household item, candles make a long-lasting housewarming gift that can be blended with signature scents to mark special occasions and people. With unique aromas and colours able to accommodate every household style and taste, candles emit a warm light and subtle scent that give nights at home a cosy glow.
  • Fragrance Sprays: A less concentrated formula than a traditional personal perfume, fragrance sprays are an excellent way to leave a lingering note in a space without burning candles or wax. This makes them a safer choice for family-friendly spaces.
  • Room Fresheners: Although these unique sprays come in an array of fun scents, room fresheners are a great way to top off a freshly cleaned space. A soft breeze and a room freshener can bring new life into a recently tidied space. Consider using some key essential oil bases, like tea tree, eucalyptus or peppermint.

Making a House a Home with Our Fragrances

Dusty Blend has become one of Australia’s favourite sources for vibrant products that make your house feel like a home. A leading gift provider, our collection of lifestyle products make excellent housewarming, anniversary and celebratory gifts to mark your special milestones.

From pamper packs to boutique bathroom soap dishes, candles, handmade soaps and more, the Dusty Blend range is sure to add the finishing touch to your favourite everyday spaces.

Need to send something memorable? With fast shipping options available, make your friends and family feel special, even you’re when far apart.

Home Fragrance - Dusty Blend

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