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Pamper Gift Packs

Explore our bath and body gift sets across Australia

Taking the time to pamper and care for your body and mind is like giving yourself a little gift every day. We believe a touch of indulgence is what puts the finishing touches on a busy day, perfectly soothing the body and mind for the ultimate experience.

Stocking an expansive range of artisan soaps, pamper packs and bath and body products, our handmade items are a world apart from the stock-standard. Enjoy a creative line that’s delicately and carefully made by a team who embraces the subtle delights of a handmade collection. Best of all, our bath bomb gift packs are perfect for birthdays, Christmas presents, and thank-you gestures – or just as a treat for yourself.

Our pamper packs are a crowd-favourite

The sensational scents across our mini bath bombs are unlike any other. Crafted with fresh, authentic fragrances, these colourful bathroom treats are best enjoyed in a beautiful bath and body gift set, embracing some of our most popular options.

Gift family and friends with a handmade product that’s free from nasties and full of all the good stuff (and more).

Our bath bomb box collection

Whether you’re seeking something meaningful for a special someone or looking for a treat for yourself, our pamper packs are the perfect solution. Beautifully presented in our elegant packaging, we embrace what it means to truly indulge in the sense of luxury.

Our entire collection is available across Australia – shop online through our secure website to have your purchase shipped directly to your door. For more information on our handmade soaps, scrubs and more, get in touch with our customer service team for friendly, reliable support.

Pamper Gift Packs - Dusty Blend
Bath Soak Pamper Pack - Dusty Blend
Bath Soak Pamper Pack
Blissful Brew Spa Set - Dusty Blend
Blissful Brew Spa Set
Body Wash and Bath Soak Gift Pack - Dusty Blend
Gift Card - Dusty Blend
Gift Card
From $10.00
Gift Pack Artisan Soap - Dusty Blend
Gift Pack Artisan Soap
Home Fragrance Pack - Dusty Blend
Home Fragrance Pack
Indulgence Pamper - Dusty Blend
Indulgence Pamper
Love you Pamper Pack - Dusty Blend
Love you Pamper Pack
Men's Pamper Pack Gift Set - Dusty Blend
Mini Pamper - Dusty Blend
Mini Pamper
Mini Pamper Hamper - Dusty Blend
Mini Pamper Hamper
Pamper Me Please - Dusty Blend
Pamper Me Please
Pamper Pack Extreme - Orange & Yellow - Dusty Blend
Pamper Pack Extreme - Pink & Purple - Dusty Blend
Pamper Pack Surprise $100 - Dusty Blend
Pamper Pack Surprise $30 - Dusty Blend
Pamper Pack Surprise $30
Pamper Pack Surprise $50 - Dusty Blend
Pamper Pack Surprise $50
Pamper Pack Surprise $75 - Dusty Blend
Rose Pamper Hamper - Dusty Blend
Rose Pamper Hamper
Soy Wax Melt Pack - Dusty Blend
Save 17%
Soy Wax Melt Pack
$30.00 $36.00
The Shower Pamper Gift Pack - Dusty Blend
Ultimate Relaxtion Spa Set - Dusty Blend

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