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Shower Products

Buy exfoliating sugar scrubs online

Discover our luxury shower products – a range specifically created to help cleanse, pamper, and relax bodies and minds. These items are ideal even when we don't have quite as much time as we’d like to dedicate to the joy of self-care, bringing a decadent sense of calm and care to your home.

While the Dusty Blend range spans handmade soaps, bath bombs, pamper packs and much more, we hold a special place for sugar scrubs. Performing the all-importance of exfoliating skin while smelling fabulous, these bath items are favourites of Dusty Blend fans across Australia. Crafted to fill a niche in our original market selections, our love of experimenting and creating original products led us to develop our very own special formula with handmade finesse.

Containing quality particles and ingredients, a sense of decadently sweet skin care fills your space every time you upon our signature tub and scoop out a little of the sugary goodness. Follow with a rich Blend body butter for a silky-smooth finish!

Experience our unique body scrubs – available across Australia

Pairing richness with gentle exfoliation, our scrubs are a hit across the country. Using our original oils and butters, we’ve crafted a range of delicately scented, nourishing scrubs to help you revitalise and refresh.

Enjoy a newfound glow that comes with the moisturising richness of our creations. Used on your face and body, the gorgeously scented scrubs in our line are perfectly complimented by our collection of bath bombs and body butters.

We recommend using our blends after a quick cleanse with our soaps or shower products, and gently sloughing a fine layer of dead skin off. Enjoy a silky touch that’s free of dryness and dullness.

Relax, unwind, and let our rich sugar body scrubs revitalise your skin with a nourished glow that radiates long after you’ve finished up.

Shower Products - Dusty Blend

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