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Body Products

Nourishing body butters – shop our collection online

We’ve developed our collection to embrace quality skincare and bath products that cover all areas of the spectrum. From bath bombs and salts to sugar scrubs, we have all the items you could wish for to achieve glowing, healthy skin in one place - including beautiful body butters.

Exfoliate, nourish and moisturise with one of our carefully selected body care products and pamper packs, all giving back to your skin. Our vast range of rich blends has been formulated, produced and packaged with our customers in mind at every stage of the process.

As a result, a range of fabulously scented, skin-penetrating creams have become favourites of Dusty Blend fans all across Australia.

The freshest blend of body butters in Australia

Our body butters are designed to be a delight to the senses. Rich, high-quality ingredients, these little creations deliver elegant aromas, unique scents and a luxurious touch.

Featuring fragrances like floral Camellia & Pink Lotus, along with our signature Juicy Watermelon, the repertoire of our range extends a touch of post-shower indulgence to your routine.

As the rich oils and butters nourish your skin, they’ll form a protective barrier that smells divine and sticks around for the rest of your day. Enjoy a gorgeous scent that’s blended in with a moisturising touch that you won’t quickly forget.

Explore our innovative range online

If you’re out of your favourite pick from Dusty Blend, we have good news for you – we deliver across Australia, with shopping online available throughout our entire range. Whether you’re nearing the end of your signature product or looking to stock up with a rich whip for the weekend, we considerately cater to your needs without causing a ripple in your well-deserved day-to-day self-care indulgence.

Treat your skin to our luxurious selection of body butters, and enjoy fuss-free delivery when you buy online – no matter where you are in Australia.

Body Products - Dusty Blend

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