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About Us


Dusty Blend started all because of our other business Dusty Sea. We had been selling online decor and doing markets since 2017. We started selling some selected body products from other makers, the interest in the bath and body products was massive.

So before we knew it I started to learn about making my own instead of just selling someone else's.  And instantly fell in love with making Artisan Soap. It filled a gap in my creative side that had been missing for some time. Then of course couldn’t just stop there it expanded to shaving cream, massage oil, bath oil, bath bombs, body butters. And always experimenting and bringing new ideas to our website.

One thing that I noticed in my journey in manufacturing bath and body products was the lack of ingredients being sourced within Australia. Sourcing ingredients from like minded Australian companies is so important to our values. Making a product that is not over complicated, as natural as possible and at great prices that every Australian can afford. 

We are just a family business of Donna and hubby Aaron. We have 2 adult children who have their own jobs but help out when they can. We started our business journey from home in rural South Australia in a small town called Eudunda, we now have a store front/studio located at Lobethal in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. 

We are registered with AICIS (which used to be NICNA) and our registration number is  NIC1007129. This registration is used for keeping track of Cold Process Soap Makers in Australia and we are fully insured for all of our products. This is vital information for any maker/seller of body products as particually now there is so many that are not.

Thank you for following us and check out our website below. And follow our journey through Facebook and Instagram.


Website www.dustyblend.com.au





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