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Shower Steamer - Tea Tree & Lime


Transform your daily shower into a luxurious spa experience with our Shower Steamer, infused with the refreshing scents of Tea Tree and Lime. Breathe in the invigorating aroma while the steamer dissolves, releasing the purifying properties of the essential oils. Indulge in a rejuvenating and exclusive shower experience.

Simply place the Steamer in the corner of the shower. Can be directly on the floor or in a soap dish (recommend away from direct running water). Additionally Splash a little water onto the steamer, then the heat and steam will activate the delicious fragrance of Menthol, Tea Tree and Lime.

 Approx 80g - Comes in a box

Ingredients: Bicarbonate Sodium, Anhydrous Citric Acid, Cream of Tartar, Isopropanol, Tea Tree, and Lime Essential Oil, Menthol Crystal.

**Please note these steamer

should NOT be used as a bath bomb as they contain Menthol Crystals which will hurt the private bits**


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Soap Care

Get More Out of Your Handmade Soap

You have selected your favourite soap, there are a few easy tips on how to look after and get the most from your Dusty Blend soap.

Handmade soaps have high glycerin content, which is fantastic for your skin but also means that your soap needs somewhere to dry out after. Water is attracted to glycerin and if your soap is left sitting in water will break down incredibly fast and just be a soggy mess.

A solution to all of this is to always keep your soap out of water. A good soap dish is the best to use. We suggest soap dishes that allows the soap to sit away from the base and let water drain away. Never leave in a dish with no drainage. Another way is to use Sisal eco soap bags these allow soap to drip out and can easily be hung to keep out of water.

Storing your new soap is really simple, keep in a dry place being outside of the bathroom is best. We find storing in a linen cupboard is perfect and it also keeps all of your linen smelling amazing.

Following these easy tips will give you dry quality soap to use eveytime.


Our manufacturing process hinges on small batches that carry our hallmark of quality care, and a distinct touch. Every item stands out from the crowd with character, just like the customers who use it in their day-to-day. Refreshingly breaking the mould of stock-standard skincare, the creative spirit of our carefully crafted products brings a delightful difference to gifting and pampering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Liane (Quakers Hill, AU)
Amazing - You don’t realise how much you need these until you try them

I have been experiencing severe anxiety and depression due to some work incidents last year and as part of that I have felt unworthy of self care, so much so that it’s difficult to feel that I deserve a shower. On top of this the shower had essentially become an extension of my work day as it would be where I would plan out my tasks for the day, so even though I can no longer work the shower will automatically take my thoughts there making it an unsafe place for me. As such the times I would force myself to get in would usually result in panic attacks and lots of distress and trauma. Since using the shower fizzies I have found I have been able to focus on the scent to ground myself and the shower is starting to become less of a “scary place”. I highly recommend these to anyone but particularly those experiencing some mental health issues as they are a great way to clear away your thoughts and experience some mindfulness. I’m so pleased I found these, they have made such a difference to my life. Thank you Dusty Blend, I still struggle with unworthiness but your products make it a little easier to enjoy some self care which over time will hopefully help me find my value again xx

Thank you so much for trying our Shower Fizzie and sharing your review with us. It is wonderful that you have found a way to use the shower with our fizzies to make it a more friendly experience for you. And thank you for sharing your story as it would have been difficult, but gives me great pleasure knowing that are products are making a difference.
Take care

Lisa B. (Singleton, AU)
Amazing smells

Lovely products, speedy delivery
The smells are absolutely delicious
Shower fizzier especially good

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